Photographer vs Photo Booth – Why Have Both?

So, you’re planning a special event: a party, a prom, maybe even a wedding? Well, you’re going to need a way to remember it forever. What better way to do that than by organising photos to be taken on the night? Much more reliable than just hoping one of your guests is an amateur photographer and remembers to bring their expensive camera and tri-pod.

But what if you want to add just a little something extra to your event? Something more fun and less overly formal than a professional photographer. Here at Jax Productions, we provide top quality photo booths – guaranteed to add a touch of magic to your event and provide you with memories that you will treasure forever. Take a look at why you should have a photo booth set up at your event alongside your photographer:

Photo Booths Capture Personality

Having professional photos taken is often a formal affair. You’re told where to stand, what stance to take, what face to pull…it can all get a little bit stilted and overly posed. Photo booths allow guests to relax and be themselves, capturing exciting and silly moments during an event without the pressure of the picture needing to look perfect.

Less Time Constraints

Professional photographers are often given a specific time slot to take photos in. Especially at a more formal event, such as a wedding, there is a limited window of time set aside for photographs; the photographer may only be booked for a certain time. With a Jax Productions’ photo booth, you can book it for many hours at a time, and your guests can have photos taken throughout the night at their leisure. There’s no pressure to get the perfect photo in a certain spot at a certain time.

Photo Booth Pictures Make Great Mementos

Party guests rarely get to see the professional photos taken at an event, unless someone who has paid for copies uploads them online. But even then, not everyone in the photo will have access to it. It’s a shame that the people who helped make an event a fun time might leave without a memento of the evening. Well, with one of our photo booths, you can supply every one of your guests with either a physical or digital print of all their photos, ensuring that no one misses out on the fond memories.

For your next event, take the stress out of capturing those wonderful memories and moments by hiring a Jax Productions’ photo booth. For more information, contact us today.