Liven Up That Office Christmas Party with a Photobooth

So, it’s that time of year again. Christmas is on its way and that means only one thing for thousands of people across the country…the inevitable office Christmas party! Love them or hate them, the office Christmas party is a staple. A chance to shed the formalities, have some drinks and dance the night away with your office pals, acquaintances, and that one cute guy you think might be from accounts, but maybe he’s just someone random who snuck into the party from outside.

Whatever your office does this Christmas for their party, you can double the fun by hiring a photobooth for the night. Here are just a few reasons why the addition of a photobooth can liven up any office party.

Office Party

They’re with You All Night

If you want to make sure you have some great photos from your office Christmas party, then you can’t go wrong with a photobooth. Whilst a photographer will be expensive and you most likely won’t have one for the entire night, photobooths can be hired for the duration and will be open for use to anyone at any time during the party.

People who have been drinking will eventually be too merry to bother trying to take nice pictures on their phone, so having a photobooth on hand all night will ensure that everyone can get some memorable photos at their leisure.

They Bring Everyone Together

One of the problems with an office environment is that you may only end up socialising with a small group within your department. You have your friends from your team whom you go for drinks with and who you sit with at lunch, but what about the rest of the office? You know, the other teams who you’ve never really said more than a ‘good morning’ to?

Well, with a photobooth at your office Christmas party, you can break the ice with these lesser known workmates of yours. Let your hair down, have fun and bond with your new-found friends, whilst taking some silly photos of yourselves in Santa hats and elf ears.

Create Funny Memories

Depending on how much you’ve had to drink, you may not remember all that much from the office party. But with a photobooth on hand, you can rest assured that you’ll have lots of hilarious snaps to wake up to in the morning. Whether in the form of physical copies you find stuffed away in your coat pocket, or digital copies that get sent around the office in an email on Monday morning, you’ll have treasured memories from a great night for years to come.

And if you’re lucky, you may even manage to get some embarrassing shots of your boss that you can use for leverage the next time you ask for a raise!

Friends in a photo booth with a snowy background

Photobooth hire ensures that your office Christmas party will be one to remember. Contact Jax Productions today to find out more about how you can hire your very own photobooth with us.