3 Top Tips for Planning A Successful Party

Everyone wants their party or event to be a huge success and for guests to remember it for years to come. While planning a successful party can be great fun, it can also be incredibly stressful for anyone trying to pull it off.

At professional photo booth hire in Swindon we know a thing or two about planning a memorable shindig. After all, we attend and help plan parties all the time!

With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when planning your event. We hope it helps you to create a winning party formula.

Young couple in a Photo Booth party with gesture face

Venue and Arrangement of Room

Your venue is the first and maybe the most important factor in planning a party – without a venue you don’t have an event at all. Are you hiring a venue? If so, you need to get this ticked off your checklist straight away.

Choose a venue you love and if you are planning for someone else, don’t forget to keep them in mind and in the loop.

When it comes to the venue, remember the type of event you are planning. Dependent on the level of formality (or informality), you could opt for a unique approach, ditching the formal table and chair arrangement. Why not think out of the box?

If you do need somewhere for your guests to sit and chatter, make sure you have something to get them out of their chairs. After all you want to offer something for everyone to enjoy. This could be anything from casino tables, to karaoke, and even a photo booth. Keep the area in mind when arranging the venue. You need a dedicated space for your photo booth and room to add all those silly accessories.

Provide a Unique Memento for Your Guests

While you want your guests to take away good memories from a party, along with a few selfies, they will really appreciate being able to take away something a little extra special from the event. Remember when you were younger at parties and got those party bags? Why not keep that happy tradition alive as an adult?

By having a unique prop or evening entertainment you can provide your guests with unforgettable memories, as well as laughs all night long. A photo booth could be perfect for this!

A silly photo of you and your friends is sure to keep the night alive for a long time. Your personalised photo booth snaps will provide a memorable talking point for years to come.

With Jax Productions, you can also view your photos on our online albums! Your party will receive a unique event ID to access your photos. Why not gather round the computer screen together and reminisce on a fabulous night?

two women wearing silly props posing for a photo

Plan in Advance and Don Be Afraid to Ask for Help

One problem that you may have while planning an event is trying to do everything on your own. By enlisting the help of friends, family and professionals not only can you make the whole planning process less stressful, but you will end up creating an even more successful event.

Make sure everyone involved knows their role- it could be something as simple as helping with food and bringing a part of a buffet or even making the cake! You may also need some help cleaning up and removing props, among other things, from the venue.

If you are organising a children’s party, you will need some assistance. A kid’s party is exhausting and stressful work. After all, you want to have fun too!

When it comes to planning, try to be as organised as possible and book the venue and props in advance. You will be less stressed this way and much more organised. You’ll probably need some extra hands when it comes to invites or decorations; you could even turn this ‘work’ into a fun event by having a craft party with friends or a night creating decorations with your kids.

Photo booth hire means you’ve sorted your entertainment for the evening and giving your guests a great gift to leave with. There are sure to be barrels of laughs! Even more so, a photo booth is appropriate for everyone and for every occasion – from older milestone birthdays to weddings, Christmas parties and much more!

Simply get in touch with Jax Productions today to get the ball rolling on your party planning.